Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tips to increase AdSense CTR

One way is to post them on text rich pages...make sure that adsense had a bunch of keywords to work with. Especially on static pages that don't change.

Another way is to place them above the fold...that is, where people don't have to scroll down with their browser...and make them as visible as possible.

Make sure the color scheme is similar to that of your page...visitors hate banners that are loud and obnoxious.

Try to keep the Adsense ads on the pages where no other ads are...this will allow the google ads to not share 'ad time' with other perhaps more flashy ads and increase your adsense productivity.

I've also heard of people getting good results from using Adsense tracker ...but I haven't tried it myself (I operate a blog and don't have a need for huge revenue)

One of the most frequent increases I've read about is blending. Blending your Adsense advertisements into your page...aka removing the border. You'd think this is something trivial but many people report increases of 30-40% CTR.

Something that I absolutely think would help you is to get the Google Adsense tool. This will allow you to right click on pages in your website and find out what google ads might be placed there.

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